Lebanese American University

Staff Advisory Council

Team Members

SAC Chairperson


Ms. Samar Aad Makhoul

Job title Accreditation and Continuous Improvement Coordinator
Department Adnan Kassar School of Business - Dean’s Office
Email samar.makhoul@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 1967 

SAC Vice Chair - Byblos


Mr. Hassan Baalbaki 

Job title Career Guidance Officer
Department Dean of Students Office - Byblos
Email hassan.baalbaki@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 2411

SAC Vice Chair - Beirut


Ms. Sana Kouatly

Job title Lead Executive Assistant
Department Marketing and Communications Department - MarCom
Email sana.kouatly@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 1917

SAC Secretary


Mr. Farhan Al Ghareeb

Job title Senior IT Support Administrator
Department Information Technology Infrastructure and Support
Email farhan.alghareeb@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 2524

SAC Members


Mr. Ahmad Mourad Al Abboud 

Job title Guard 
Department Protection Department - Byblos
Email mourad.alabboud@lau.edu.lb    
Phone Ext. 2146 


Mr. Anthony Ashmore 

Job title Intermediate Accountant
Department Business Office - Beirut
Email anthony.ashmore@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 1336


Ms. Sawsan Bistanji

Job title Lead Executive Assistant
Department VPSDEM
Email sawsan.bistanji@lau.edu.lb    
Phone Ext. 1582


Mr. Riyad Chahine

Job title Lead Procurement Officer
Department Procurement Office
Email riyad.chahine@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 2585 


Ms. Dina Noueiri

Job title Academic Assistant
Department School of Arts and Sciences
Email dina.noueiri@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 1648  


Ms. Mona Hijazi El Ghouti

Job title Lead Administrative Assistant
Department Auxiliary Services Office
Email mghouti@lau.edu.lb   
Phone Ext. 7002 


Mr. Rabih Hosri

Job title Senior Architect
Department Facilities Management Planning & Renovations Office
Email rabih.hosri@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 2787 


Ms. Samar Kalach

Job title Lead Assistant Librarian
Department Library
Email sjldine@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 1217 


Ms. Maya Saade

Job title Event Coordinator
Department Hospitality Office
Email msaade@lau.edu.lb
Phone Ext. 2102   

SAC Ex-Officio Members

Mr. Charbel Aoun, AVP

Ms. Ruba Tohme

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