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Student Employment Procedure

(Approved by the UCFA on December 21, 2011)

I. Purpose:

Student Employment at LAU is a supplementary form of financial aid that caters to the needs of the University cost centers in providing additional work-force. Following are the consequential benefits to students on employment:

II. Budgeting and Remuneration:

  1. Budgeting: A separate budget is allocated for student employment within each university cost center based on need and in accordance with general budget guidelines.
  2. Remuneration rates: Jobs will be based on academic level (Graduate and Undergraduate). Each category will be assigned a certain relevant hourly rate.
  3. Payment: Remunerations will be credited to the students’ accounts directly through the Financial Aid system, and the Business Office will pay the students the amounts if they have no outstanding fees. In cases where students have deferred payments, students will still be paid if salaries are deposited prior to the due payment date.

III. Process:

  1. Offices will electronically complete a template to advertise for their vacant positions (available on LAU’s website).
  2. Students will apply and submit their CVs electronically for posted jobs.
  3. The hiring office will electronically receive applications and CVs.
  4. The hiring office will conduct interviews and select the most suitable candidate.
  5. The hiring office will notify the FASO of their choice by completing the “Student Employment Request” form. Subsequently, for contract renewals, a new “Student Employment Request” should also be submitted for each relevant academic term.
  6. An Employment letter will be issued by FASO to the student specifying all employment conditions as per set rules.
  7. The Career Office will be granted access to the names of the student work records including their evaluations.

IV. Operation Management:

Student employment will be administered as follows:

  1. Employment Requests, issuing of Employment Letters, control and worked hours will be processed by the Financial Aid & Scholarship Office.
  2. Payment and final budget clearances will be done by the Business Office.

V. Rules:

  1. With the exception of LAU faculty and staff dependents, registered full-time as well as part-time students may be hired. Exception is made during the summer modules where students may benefit from employment without being registered, provided they were enrolled in the preceding Spring term.
  2. Employment is available to students until the date of their graduation. However, employment contracts of Fall or Spring terms graduates may be renewed up to the end of the academic year with the same pay rate.
  3. Undergraduate enrolled students may not work:
    In regular terms more than:
    • 30 hours per week if part-time student, with or without any work-study assignment
    • 25 hours per week if full-time student without any work-study assignment
    • 18 hours per week if full-time student having additional work-study assignment.
    In Summer terms more than:
    • 25 hours per week if without any work-study assignment
    • 15 hours per week if having additional work-study assignment.
  4. During summer, if not enrolled, students on employment may work up to 32 hours per week.
  5. Graduate students may work up to 32 hours/week in any term.
  6. Students enrolled in one campus may be employed in either campus.
  7. Graduate students enrolled in Thesis are considered as students
  8. The assigned hours of work should not conflict with class hours or Work-Study hours for students on Financial Aid.
  9. Students may not be employed in a department/division/office where any staff or faculty member is a relative.
  10. Undergraduate students may not be employed during their first term of enrollment.
  11. All Student Employment forms are valid for a given term only. Renewal is possible within the same academic year upon submission of a new employment request by the hiring department/division/office.
  12. It is the prerogative of the VP’s to delegate, in writing, the approval of Employment Requests.

VI. Control:

  1. All requests will be cleared by the FASO in terms of eligibility, number of hours and hourly wage.
  2. Employment contracts should be within budgeted amounts as relayed by the Budget Office.
  3. Hours worked in excess of approved requests will not be compensated.
  4. Employed students whose registration in regular terms is deleted will not be compensated for the hours worked
  5. If any given department/division/office wishes to employ students for a total number of hours exceeding the equivalent number of 120 hours or 3 full timers, then justification should be provided and authorization secured from the concerned VP.
  6. Worked hours prior to signature of employment letter by both parties will not be remunerated unless subsequently approved by FASO.
  7. Student Employment supervisors are required to verify their students’ worked hours data entry (done on an electronic time-sheet on daily basis) and validate the time sheet within deadlines communicated by FASO. In case of delays, payments will be processed in the subsequent month.
  8. Student performance will be evaluated online at the end of each employment period, as poor evaluations may lead to employment disqualification.

VII. Assessment and Termination:

Through a well established work assessment system taking into consideration the variance in the nature of the different available jobs, both the hiring and Career Offices will cooperate to measure the performance of student employees.

Consequently, student employees with unsatisfactory work performance may not be rehired and may, as well, be terminated based on the following reasons:

  1. Recurring unauthorized and unexcused absences
  2. Refusal to do assigned work or abide by assigned schedule
  3. Intentional misrepresentation of the number of worked hours
  4. Inability to perform tasks required by the nature of the position after completion of a reasonable training period
  5. Disclosure of confidential University information
  6. Violation of other University Policies and Procedures

Upon termination, the following points should be taken into consideration:

  1. A student employee who resigns or is terminated shall receive wages due for services rendered.
  2. A two-week written advance notice for resignation is expected from a student employee.

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