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The Liberal Arts Curriculum

The Liberal Arts Curriculum offers students a selection of courses in a variety of subjects that aim to complement their major of study and to broaden their intellectual exposure. The Liberal Arts Curriculum is divided into a core of required courses, and a wide selection of electives in the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences.

The Liberal Arts Curriculum consists of:

  1. Required Core Courses (6 credits)
  2. Elective Courses (remainder credits according to program- see specific program requirements below)

Specific Program Requirements:

Mission, Educational Objectives, Learning Outcomes

A.  Required Courses (6 credits)

B.  Elective Courses

The Liberal Arts Electives are organized under 3 general categories. Selection of electives from these categories is subject to the criteria specific to each program.

1. Arts and Humanities:


Fine Arts:

Communication Arts:

Arabic Language & Literature

Music Appreciation:




2. Natural Sciences :

Natural sciences:

Computer Science:

3. Social Sciences:

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