Institute for Banking and Finance

June-July 2004 Seminars

Marketing Financial Services in a Highly Competitive Marketplace

Creating a Strategy for Success!

July 5-6, 2004

Seminar Leader: Roger Morin

Increased competition, new legislation, and a global economy have changed the banking industry. How do you position your financial institution for success in this new environment? Which products and services sell best in your local markets? How do you sell your products and services to new customers? How do you increase new business from existing customers?

These two days of workshops will help you learn the steps required to transform your bank into a successful institution. Participants will learn and practice tested techniques utilized by successful banks in the United States.

Day One:
Product Strategy, Research and Pricing

Topics to be covered:

Day Two:
How to Sell and Cross-Sell Financial Services Inside and Outside the Bank

Topics to be covered:

Open Forum:

In addition to asking questions during the seminar, there will be three opportunities to formally discuss, answer questions, and reflect upon any subject regarding sales and marketing for which you need answers — once after the morning break, after lunch and following the afternoon break.

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