Institute for Banking and Finance

June-July 2004 Seminars

How to Out-Service Your Competition:
Raising the Standards of Quality Customer Service

Meeting the Challenges of Competitive Advantage!

July 7, 2004

Seminar Leader: Roger Morin

Today’s financial services industry is racked with competition. Since most banks offer the same products and services, there is only one way to increase business: Provide outstanding customer service! This full-day seminar will review the steps required for a bank to stand out above all other banks in your market. What do the top customer service banks do differently? How have they achieved a reputation for taking good care of their customers while maximizing their ROI? What are they doing that our bank is not doing?

Tested techniques and successful methods will be reviewed. Each participant will leave this seminar with a written Quality Service Action Plan for their bank. The workshop speaker has personally utilized all the ideas reviewed in this seminar.

Topics to be covered:

Open Forum:

In addition to asking questions during the seminar, there will be three opportunities to discuss, answer questions and reflect upon any subject regarding customer service for which you need answers — after the morning break, after lunch and following the afternoon break.

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