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Seminar: Managerial decision making

How to make tough decisions.

Seminar leader: Vincent Petrini-Poli | July 5, 2005

Many factors contribute to making decisions difficult today especially in the workplace at the managerial and executive levels. Competition, uncertainty and ongoing changes render daily decision making a headache, with possibly serious consequences, both in terms of people and economics. This seminar explores the specific reasons for decision making being challenging and proposes a framework, as well as specific solutions, to reach successful decisions while controlling the inherent risks.

Topics to be covered:

Note to participants: This seminar requires your active participation, and sharing your own experiences from the workplace, in order to provide its greatest benefit — the application of the topics discussed when you return to your offices. Please come fully prepared to discuss success stories, challenges, results, questions, and issues throughout the day. Several interactive sessions will be part of the agenda. You will gain only in proportion to your contribution.

July 2005


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