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Seminar: How to maintain an effective working atmosphere

Seminar leader: Vincent Petrini-Poli | July 6, 2005

Tension resulting from intense competition worldwide is certainly felt at the local level. New technology makes entire business activities obsolete overnight. Presidents and CEOs have to relinquish their positions if objectives are not met. Outsourcing threatens jobs with both white and blue collar workers. This seminar identifies sources of conflict and daily challenges in the workplace.

Participants will learn the different types of personalities, how to anticipate difficult attitudes and how to deal with them positively, constructively and successfully for all involved and for the company, bank, institution or enterprise.

Topics to be covered:

Note to participants: This seminar requires your active participation, and sharing your own experiences from the workplace, in order to provide its greatest benefit — the application of the topics discussed when you return to your offices. Please come fully prepared to discuss success stories, challenges, results, questions, and issues throughout the day. Several interactive sessions will be part of the agenda. You will gain only in proportion to your contribution.

July 2005


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