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Seminar: Achieving Business Strategy Through Team Building

Seminar leader: Andy Klein | July 5, 2006

Teams and Teamwork are popular terms in management circles these days. Cynics might dismiss teamwork as just another management fad or quick-fix gimmick, but a closer look reveals a more profound and durable trend. People are teaming up in new and different ways. Modern computer and telecommunications technologies have made it possible for people to attend globe-spanning meetings without leavng their desks. The team approach to managing organizations is having diverse and substantial impacts on organizations and individuals. Teams promise to be a cornerstone of progressive management for the forseeable future.

In this seminar we will explore what happens to people when they work in teams and groups. Based on our understanding, participants will learn how to create and manage high-performance work teams in their organizations. The seminar will include the following topics:

June–July 2006


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