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Seminar: Creating Strong Effective Business Leadership

Seminar leader: Andy Klein | July 6, 2006

Leadership can make a real difference. Leadership is positively associated with net profits and affects the success of the firm. When employees perceive their manager to be an effective leader, their department tends to perform at a higher level.

This seminar will show how to become a more effective leader and manager. It will define leadership and introduce the major perspectives on the subject. We will examine the impact of your thinking styles on your managerial effectiveness and help you determine whether the way you approach your job and work with your colleagues or subordinates is healthy, constructive, and productive. We will utilize both a self assessment inventory that helps us understand how we behave in management situations (the Life Styles Inventory), and a values exercise that allows participants to learn more about motivating individuals and teams (Coach: Co-achieving).


June–July 2006


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