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Seminar: How to Build a High Performance Team:

Must Have Skills for Bankers

July 11, 2008

Banks that have informed, motivated, skilled, and committed people will out-perform banks that still operate in the traditional way - - itís that simple and critical.

Successful, high-performing teams donít just happen overnight. They evolve through the training and development of all members. In the rapidly changing world of the 21st century, bankers must be able to create, lead, and develop HIGH-PERFORMING TEAMS.

Leading teams is one of the most difficult area of any bank managerís job and an area where few have been given adequate skills to do so successfully. This seminar is designed to give you the critical skills and practical methods to develop and lead high-performing teams.

This seminar will teach you:

How is the seminar presented?

This is a participatory and hands-on learning experience. Exercises and activities will be used to teach and reinforce the skills you learn.

July 2008


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