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Seminar: Communicating For Bank Performance:

Understand and Engage Employees

July 12, 2008

No bank can produce outstanding service unless its managers visibly and consistently engage employees to focus their energy, talents and skills on achieving bank goals.

A branch manager’s ability to communicate well (or not-so-well) affects sales and profitability. Industrial and Labor Relations Review, January 2004

“The current business environment is forcing leaders to focus intensively on improving communication.” Internal Communication Focus, Towers Perrin

Bankers everywhere are looking for ways to generate commitment from their employees. In a time of rapid change, volatile markets, and fickle customers, leaders need to find ways need to find ways to capitalize on people assets.

Communication is more than talking and listening. It is more than sending out an e-mail, memo, or flyer. Communication inside a bank means all the “signals” that send cues to people about what’s important and what’s not. Employees process those cues for meaning and then act accordingly. This is why communication is rising to the top of organizational priorities.

Genuine communication requires a deep understanding of another person’s perspective. This course will show you how to understand your employees on a more fundamental level using the DiSC® style assessment.

For years DiSC® has successfully helped managers like you understand your employees on a more fundamental level. This program will show you how to read other people and see how others interpret your behaviors. You’ll leave with a “gut-level” appreciation for the needs of your staff and co-workers. Ultimately, the program will help you adapt your communication style in ways that engage and motivate others!

How is the seminar presented?

This is an active, participatory, and hands-on learning experience that uses fun and engaging videos and games to teach critical communication skills.

This seminar will teach you to:

Pre-work and Cost of DiSC Assessment:

Requirement: Participants must access the internet and take DiSC® online before class. You should plan on 30 minutes to take the DiSC® assessment. Instructions for taking DiSC® will be e-mailed to you.

The cost of DiSC is $39.00USD per person.

July 2008


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