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Seminar: Characteristics of Highly Effective Leader
Become the kind of manager people want to work for!

June 28, 2010

Every manager is also a leader in her or his organization. While both aspects of a manager’s job are important, it is the leadership component that separates the great from the good. Great leaders are not born, they are developed. Solid leadership is a critical capability for any business. The goal of this seminar is to develop in you the attributes of great leaders and teach you how to become an influential and inspirational force in your organization.!

Topics Covered

  1. What do we mean by “Leadership?” Distinguish between Leading and Managing
  2. Explore the importance of Leadership for organizations
  3. Discuss and define “Style”
  4. Understand the LSI “Circumplex”
  5. Practice interpreting three sample reports
  6. Receive your LSI feedback and interpret it.
  7. Create your leadership development plan

Pre-Work on the Internet:

Participants will complete the Lifestyles Inventory® (LSI) on the Internet before class. Estimated time: 15-30 Minutes. An individualized report will be provided during the class.

NOTE: An investment of $55 per participant will cover the administration of the LSI.

June/July 2010


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