Summer Institute for Intensive Arabic Language and Culture


During the Fall term, SINARC students are required to attend classes Monday through Friday. A complete schedule is presented at the beginning of each term, based on LAU calendar. Modern Standard Arabic is offered 6hrs/ wk and Lebanese Dialect 4hrs/wk a total of 8 credits.

The program also offers the following two courses:

Arabic Language Writing Skills: students taking this course will work on improving their Arabic language writing skills and sentence structure through the use of enriched vocabulary and terminology, with correct and adequate syntax as well as journal writing activities, narratives and translations. (3cr.)

Middle East Challenges of the 21st Century: this course constitutes the cultural component of the program. It offers lectures on Arab-Isreali conflicts, Arab development and integration, Islamism and Islamization, Arab self-criticism, human rights in the Arab world, minority rights and democratization, the decline of the Arab intellectual elite and much more. (3 cr.)

The total number of credits earned is 14 credits, which can be transferred to students’ home institutions. Placement exams will be administered at the beginning of the program to determine each student’s appropriate course levels.

The main textbooks used at SINARC are:

The courses offered are:

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