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General Information

Conference Venue

The conference will be held at the Lebanese American University, Beirut Campus, (Kreitem quarter).


By now you should have already obtained an entry visa to Lebanon. Please note that visitors from many countries (e.g. France, USA, GCC countries) can get a visa at the Beirut airport. To make sure, please call the nearest Lebanese embassy.

Airline Reservation

By now you should have booked your flight to Beirut. If not, please make a reservation as soon as possible to avoid the peak of summer season flights. For some cities, we may be able to get you discount air fares from Middle East Airlines. If interested, please let us know.

Hotel Reservation

Please refer to the "Hotel Reservation" link.

Airport-Hotel Transportation

Please check with your hotel about airport-hotel transportation. The airport is about 20 minutes by taxi from the hotel area.

Weather and Dress

The weather at the end of June is warm and ideal for spending at the beach (bring your swimmers, cap, and favorite sun-tan oil/cream)! Temperatures at the coast will be about 30 degress Celcius. In the evening, if you go to the close mountainous areas, it will be cool. So, if you plan on visiting around, you may want to bring summer and some spring clothes. You can find more information about the weather in the sites listed at "About Lebanon".

Currency and Credit Cards

In Lebanon, you can use lebanese currency or U.S. Dollars. Each Dollar is worth approximately 1,500 Lebanese Pounds (Lira). Currency exchange can be freely made at banks or at small exchange shops (many of them in Beirut). Please note that credit cards are not as commonly used in Lebanon as in the U.S. and Europe. They are accepted mostly at large establishments.


Arabic is our language. But many Lebanese people also speak English and French.

Electric Current

The voltage in Lebanon is normally 220 V.

Speakers and Session Chairs

Please refer to the "Author Instructions/Prepare your presentation" link.

Need further advice

If you need advice and want to talk to us, please use the following telephone numbers:

Nashat Mansour: 961-3-379647 (in Beirut 03-379647)
Ramzi Haraty: 961-3-782010 (in Beirut 03-782010)

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