Lebanese American University

19th LAAS International Science Meeting

April 5–6, 2013, Beirut, Lebanon

Conference Committees

Conference Co-Chairs

Joseph Jabbra, President, Lebanese American University
Mouin Hamze, Secretary General, National Council for Scientific Research
Abdo Jurjus, President, Lebanese Association for the Advancement of Science

Advisory Committee

Jihad Attieh, University of Balamand
Nehme Azoury, Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik
Youssef Comair, Lebanese American University
Assaad Eid, American University of Beirut
George Eid, Notre Dame University
Adel Ahmed Elkordi, Beirut Arab University
Raja Fakhoury, Beirut Arab University
Antoine Farhat, Notre Dame University
Fadi Geara, Université Saint Joseph
Nabeel Haidar, American University of Science and Technology
Tarek Harb, Lebanese International University
Jean-Claude Lahoud, Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik Ali Mneimneh, Lebanese University
Michel Najjar, University of Balamand
George Nasr, Lebanese American University
Zeinab Saad, Lebanese University
Leila Saade, Lebanese University
Rabih Talhouk, American University of Beirut
Roland Tomb, Université Saint Joseph

Scientific Committees

Biological, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Health Sciences
Chawki BouKharim, Lebanese University
Eddie Abdalla, Lebanese American University
Nadine Darwish, American University of Beirut
Imad Btaich, Lebanese American University
Andre Migharbani, Université Saint Joseph
Monique Chaaya, American University of Beirut

Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry and Physics
Antonio Khoury, Lebanese University
Mahmoud Korek, Beirut Arab University
Naim Ouaini, Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik
Daoud Nawfal, Lebanese University
Malek Tabbal, American University of Beirut
Brigitte Wex, Lebanese American University

Food security, environment, Agriculture
Rami Zreik, American University of Beirut
Ali Ghaddar, Lebanese International University
Elsa Sattout, Notre Dame University
Lara Hanna, Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik
Nadine Zeeni, Lebanese American University

Mathematics and Computer Science
Ramzi Haraty, Lebanese American University
Hoda Maalouf, Notre Dame University
Toni Sayah, Université Saint Joseph
Rached Zantout, Beirut Arab University
Aziz Barbar, American University of Science and Technology

Pascal Damien, Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik
Oussama Jadayel, University of Balamand
Imad Mogharbel, Lebanese University
Wassim Habshe, Lebanese American University
Mutasem El-Fadel, American University of Beirut

Social, Economic, and Behavioral Sciences
Rajaa Makki, Lebanese University
Roy Khoueiry, Notre Dame University
Charbel Salloum, Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik
Rima Afifi, American University of Beirut
Ali Fakih, Lebanese American University

Science and Mathematics Education
Saouma Abou Jaoude, American University of Beirut
Rita Meouchy, Notre Dame University
Iman Osta, Lebanese American University
Marie-Thérèse Saliba, Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik
Iman Saad, Lebanese University

Local Organizing Committee

Nashat Mansour
Anna Nahas
Dani Tannir
Mohamad Mroueh

LAAS Executive Committee

Abdo Jurjus, President
Hassan Charif, Secretary General
Naim Ouaini
Nashat Mansour
Roger Hajjar
Karim Echtay
Toufic Rizk
Mahmoud Korek

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