Lebanese American University

Day One Civic Engagement from a Leadership Certification Perspective

Monday September 16 2013

By Mr. Elie Samia (Executive Director of Outreach and Civic Engagement)

By the end of the workshop, the participants will be able to:

Session One (2 hours)

Session Two (2 hours)

Key Performance indicators: Benchmark, Milestones and Capstone

  1. Diversity of Communities and Cultures
  2. Analysis of knowledge
  3. Civic Identity and Commitment
  4. Civic Communication
  5. Civic Contexts and Structures

Session Three (2 hours)

Civic Learning Outcomes

  1. Student initiation and management of civic engagement projects
  2. Student research, organization and execution of a deliberative democracy project
  3. Student Leadership of complex tasks related to public awareness and public policy
  4. Student integration of academic work community engagement and producing a tangible product

Session Four (1 hour)

  1. Discussion about the prerequisites for leadership certification and the utility of networking
  2. Case Studies and best practices.

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