Lebanese American University

Nutrition and Food Research Day

April 25, 2014, Beirut, Lebanon

List of Accepted Abstracts

Food Related Research

Title Authors Presentation
Adding Whey Protein to the Milk in Shanklish Processing Hosri C. And Nehme L. Poster
Caraway (Carum carvi) essential and fixed oils characterization Anas Garaya1, Wissal Dhifi1,2, Marc El Beyrouthy3, Nourhene Boudhrioua Mihoubi12, and Rafika Chekir Ben Chaouacha1,2 Oral
Chemical and Microbiological Safety of Vegetables Grown in the Upper Litani Basin Bashayer Madi a, Rabih Kamleh b, Mey Jurdib, Sami Ramia c, Samira Korfali d, Rola Ajib b, and Khalil Kreidiehc Oral
Does The Orange Blossom Smell as Blue in Lebanon as in France? A Lebanese-French Cross-Cultural Study Reine Barbar1, Yelena Maric2 and Muriel Jacquot3 Oral
Effect of drought on safflower natural dyes Nidhal Salem1, Wissal Dhifi2, Kamel Msaada1, Marc El Beyrouthy3, Ferid Limam1 and Brahim Marzouk1 Poster
Effect of Incorporating Selected Herbal Extracts Native of Lebanon on the Chemical Characteristics of Virgin Olive Oil during Static Heating Hussein Hassan, Michelle Hajj, Safwat Al Jabi, Rawan Bitar, Carla Daou, Alice Moumdjian, Rua Kebbe, Robin Taleb, Nisrine Machaka-Houri, Mirvat El Sibai and Ahmad Houri Poster
Effects of Olive Drying on Aroma, Chlorophyll and Fatty Acids Composition of Olive Oil Wissal Dhifi1, Maher Ben Khedher2, Wissem Mnif1, Marc El Beyrouthy3, Lara Hanna Wakim3 and Brahim Marzouk2 Poster
Essential and Toxic Metals in Canned Food in Lebanon: Impact of Metal Cans Samira Ibrahim Korfali and Weam Abou Hamdan Poster
Food Safety and Handling Knowledge and Practices of Lebanese University Students Hussein F. Hassan1, Manal Tamin1 and Hani Dimassi2 Oral
Food Safety Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Food Handlers in SME’s, Beirut, Lebanon Dima Faour-Klingbeil, Victor Kuri, and Zeina Kassaify Poster
Gill Histological and Oxidative Stress Evaluation in the Oreochromis Niloticus Exposed to Red 195 Dye Insaf Ayadi1/5, Mariza Monteir2, Marc El Beyrouthy3, Lara Hanna Wakim3, Imed Regaya 4, Maria Manuel Oliveira5, Francisco Peixoto5, Wissem Mnif1 Poster
Metal Concentration in Commonly Used Medicinal Herbs and Infusion by Lebanese Population: Health Impact Samira I. Korfali1, Mohamad Mroueh2, Mohammad Al-Zein3 & Rosin Salem1 Poster
Protecting Consumers in Lebanon: The Need for Effective Food Safety System Fadi El-Jardali, Rawan Hammoud, and Rabih Kamleh Poster
Sensory and Quality Parameters of Raw and Processed Chicory-Hindbeh, a Commonly Consumed Dark Leafy Green in Lebanon (Cichorium intybus L.) during Frozen Storage Francine Francis, Salma Talhouk^, Malek Batal¥ and Ammar Olabi Poster
Study of Culinary Sayings in Traditional Lebanese Recipes by Means of Molecular Gastronomy Reine Barbar1, Anna-Maria Barakati1, Lara-Hanna Wakim1 and Hervé This2 Poster
Survey of Internal Temperatures of Lebanese Domestic Refrigerators and Analysis of Factors Affecting Them Hussein F. Hassan1, Rafal El Amin1, Abed Al Rahman Serbey1 and Hani Dimassi2 Poster

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Nutrition Related Research

Title Authors Presentation
Association between Infant Feeding Practices and Nutritional Status in a Sample of Lebanese Newborns Stephanie Ayoub, Msc and Joane Matta, PhD Poster
Attitude of Lebanese University Students Concerning Caffeine J. Ferneine, M. Soufia, T. Abi El Hessen Poster
Body Mass Index, Waist-to-Height Ratio, Percent Body Fat, and Conicity Index Cut-off Values to Predict Metabolic Syndrome in Lebanese Children and Adolescents Darine Hachem1, Nahla Hwalla1, Farah Naja1, Hani Dimassi2, Nadine Yazbeck3 and Lara Nasreddine1 Oral
Characteristics of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease induced in Wistar rats following four different diets Nicole Sayegh1, Rana Bitar1, Viviane Track-Smayra2, Aline Khazaka3, Omar Obeid4, Raymond Sayegh5, Hassan Younes6 Poster
Dedicated Renal Dietitian in the Hemodialysis Unit Controls Serum Phosphorus and Malnutrition, Lebanon Rana Rizk*, Mirey Karavetian^, Hafez Elzein#& Rony Abboud* Poster
Determining the Effect of Different Doses of Phosphorus Preloads on Subsequent Food Intake. Abou Samra M and Obeid O. Poster
Determining the Medium- Term (3 months) Effect of Phosphorus Premeal on Reducing Energy Intake and Body Weight. Ayoub J., Abou Samra M. and Obeid O. Oral
Dietetic Practices in Adult Hemodialysis Units Compared to K/DOQI Guidelines, Lebanon Mirey Karavetian^, Nannes De Vries* & Hafez Elzein# Poster
Eating Disorder Outpatients in Lebanon: a Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study Beleza Abdalla, Hanine Mattar, Lea Rossek, Dr. Nadine Zeeni, Hiba Safieddine Poster
Effect of Fermentable Carbohydrate on Arterial Hypertension in Nephrectomized Rats: Comparison with Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors Hassan Younes1, Khalil Helou2, Céline Demougeot3, Jean-Claude Alphonse4 Poster
Effect of Movie Violence, on Mood, Stress, Appetite Perception and Food Preferences in a Random Population Mattar L.1, Zeeni N.1, Bassil M.1, Wells J. Poster
Environmental enrichment and cafeteria diet synergistically modify the response to chronic variable stress in rats Shoug Al Nafeesi, Nadine Zeeni, Maya Bassil, Mariana Ibrahim, Tala Zein, Gilles Fromentin, Catherine Chaumontet and Costantine Daher Oral
Evaluation of Dietary Habits among 100 Type 2 Lebanese Diabetic Patients Zeina El Debs & Rabiha Harb Poster
Extraction and Analysis of the Most Important Active Ingredients (Volatile Oil and Polysaccharides) and Determination of its Importance in Medicine, Pharmacy and Nutrition Shmitt Mouhammad Said1, Kanaan Hussein2 Poster
Factors Associated with Poor Nutritional Status among Community Dwelling Lebanese Elderly Subjects Living in Rural Areas: Results of the AMEL Study Boulos Christa1, Salameh Pascale2, Barberger-Gateau Pascale3/4 Poster
Health Mobile Application “HEMA” Usama Al Alami; Mahaba Al Saleh; Khulood Saeed and Amna Hassan Poster
Maintenance of Weight Loss One Year since a Diet vs. Exercise-Based Successful Interventions, among Lebanese Adult Overweight/Obese Women Joya Ferneine, Nathalie Yaghi, MS, LD, Jihad Irani, MD, MPH, Poster
Nutrition policies at schools: Opportunities & challenges in Lebanon. Sima Hamadeh, Ph.D. Oral
Nutritional profile of Lebanese NAFLD patients: A case-control study Nicole Fakhoury Sayegh1, Hassan Younes2, Sandy Abou Mrad3, Raymond Sayegh4 Oral
Socioeconomic status and obesity in Lebanese children and adolescents aged between 11 and 18 years Rana Jreij, Elie Hajj Moussa, Maya Tueni, Fadia Tayba, Affife Mounayar Oral
Study for Assessment of Traditional Food Intake in Lebanon Maya Tueni and Afifee Mounayar Poster
The Prevalence of Breakfast Skipping and its Association with BMI z-score in 11-15 year-old Adolescents from Selected Lebanese Regions Marise Chami, Msc and Joane Matta, PhD Poster
Trends of Overweight and Obesity and its Associated Risk Factors among Adolescent School Students in Tripoli Germine M.El-Kassas MD, Ph D and  Zeina El -Ali  MS, RD Poster
Using cell phone camera pictures to record food intake and promote healthy eating N Gharibeh1, N Zeeni1, R Doumit2, L Karam1, L Mesky1, N Farran1, J Long3, C Kazandjian2, C Boswell4, H Song4 Poster

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