Hotel & Other Information

Please note that you have to contact your hotel yourself, in order to secure your hotel reservation. Some hotels may require a credit card deposit in advance of any reservation. The University does not assume any responsibility regarding the hotel reservations. Transportation will be arranged between the hotels and the different conference locations. Byblos-Sur-Mer is located intra muros of the historic city of Byblos, Century Park is located in the modern shopping district of Kaslik close to the city of Jounieh, and Mercure-Beverly near the entertainment district of Maameltein in the city of Jounieh. For more information on these cities, please consult the following web site: and the hotels web sites.

Please note that all prices quoted include the 5% Gov. tax and 16% service charge. Breakfast is also included. In order to benefit from the special rate, conference participants must ask the Hotel for the Lebanese American University - UNESCO Forum conference rate.

Hotel, location, phone, fax, e-mail Category Contact Room rate/night
Byblos Sur Mer, Byblos
Tel. (961) 9-548000 ou (961) 9-942983
Fax: (961) 9- 944859
web site: http: //
A*** Mr. George Khoury

Simple: US $ 68.00
Double: US $ 79.00

Century Park, Kaslik 
Tel. (961) 9- 219000 ou (961) 3- 654003
Fax: (961) 9- 213050
web site: http: //
B**** Mrs. Lodi Abdel Sater

Simple: US $ 72.00
Double: US $ 82.00

Mercure-Beverly, Jounieh
Tel. (961) 9- 916637 ou (961) 9-900485
Fax: (961 9) 916637
web site: http: //
A*** Ms. Berthe Barakat

Simple: US $ 50.00
Double: US $ 60.00

Visa Requirements

Participants should contact Lebanese Consular services or Embassies in their respective countries concerning visa requirements for entering Lebanon. Please establish contact early with consular services, in order to secure the necessary visas.


November weather on the Lebanon coast is usually mild with temperatures ranging from 13to 24 centigrade and an average of 6 rainy days. However, temperatures in the mountains can be 5 to 10 degrees cooler. Participants are advised to be prepared for both extremes.