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The USAID University Scholarship Program

Who could join USP VII?

To be eligible to apply to LAU under USP VII, you should:

  1. Know that any attempt to seek a “wasta” or interference regarding the selection process (admission, financial aid, exams) or any other intervention from any person or side will automatically lead to immediate disqualification.
  2. Be a Lebanese citizen
  3. Have attended a public high school in Lebanon for at least the last three years of your secondary education and expected to complete your baccalaureate during summer. An exception is made for students who spent two years out of the three in a public school and one secondary year in a US Government education exchange program (such as YES). Documents proving participation in such programs need to be presented along with the application
  4. Obtain a minimum of 12/20 on your official Lebanese Baccalaureate exam
  5. Demonstrate your financial need status by completing the USP VII Financial Aid Application
  6. Obtain the minimum required scores on the tests and exams set by the university you are applying to
  7. Demonstrate past and present performance of service and community activities
  8. Not be registered at any university or have completed studies at any university
  9. Register at LAU as a full-time student at all times
  10. Not have siblings who have benefited or are benefiting from any USP scholarship
  11. Your parents must not be receiving substantial subsidy for university for either you or your siblings

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