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FAQ’s on Academic Rules during the COVID-19 Crisis

P/NP Grading System

1. What does selecting P/NP grading mean?
Selecting P/NP grading means if you earn a P grade, you have satisfactorily passed the course. If your grade is NP, your performance was not satisfactory and hence it is considered that you failed the course.

2. What is the impact of P on my transcript?
A grade of P means that you have satisfied minimum performance in the course and therefore fulfill the requirements for graduation. Getting P in a course also means it can fulfill the requirement of a prerequisite.

3. Will P or NP enter in the calculation of my GPA?
No. P and NP grades do not enter in the calculation of the GPA.

4. What is the difference between NP and WP/WF in the P/NP grading option?
A WP/WF means that you withdrew from a course by the last day for withdrawal from courses.
NP indicates that you decided to opt for the alternate course grading option in spring 2020 and your performance in the course was unsatisfactory. There will be no impact on your CGPA.

5. What happens if I don’t opt to select P/NP grading option?
If you do not opt into the P/NP grading option by the specified deadline, the default/regular letter grading system will be applied.

6. How and when can I decide to opt into P/NP grading?
You can select to opt into P/NP grading by completing an online form. You will soon after receive a form to select the course(s) that you would like to be graded as P/NP. Courses you do not select as P/NP will receive a letter grade. The deadline for you to fill the online form is April 30, 2020. Once the deadline has passed, there will be no opportunity to change or reverse this decision.

7. What is the passing grade for P?
Most undergraduate courses require D as a passing grade, but some require C. Your P grade will depend on the normal passing grade of an undergraduate course.

8. If I get a P grade, will the credits be counted? Does it improve my CGPA?
Yes, the credits will be counted, but your CGPA will not be affected.

9. If I am graduating, will choosing P/NP allow me to graduate?
Yes. P grade means the course is counted as earned and fulfills the requirements of graduation. But if your major GPA or the CGPA is below 2.00, you cannot graduate.

10. Can I choose some courses to be evaluated with letter grades and others with P/NP?
Yes. You can choose the courses you want to change to P/NP grading and the courses you want to keep on regular/default letter grading.

11. Can I petition to change a P to a regular letter grade?
No. If you opt for the P/NP grading option for a particular course in spring 2020, there will be no opportunity to change a P grade to a regular grade, even by petition.

Repeating Courses

12. If I am repeating a course, will the credits be counted?
Yes, they will be counted if you pass the course.

13. Does the grade of a repeated course count in CGPA?
If you choose regular letter grading, yes the grade will be included in your GPA. But if you opted for P/NP grading and got a P grade, the old grade will be excluded from GPA calculation and the new P grade will not have an effect on the CGPA. In case you got a failing letter grade for the repeated course, it will be counted in the GPA, but you will have the chance to repeat the course another time even if you exceeded the number of repeats allowed. When you pass the course, the failing grade will be excluded.

14. I am repeating a major course to raise my Major GPA and graduate, is it better to choose P/NP or a regular grade? Which grading system has more impact on raising the GPA?
This depends on many factors such as the total number of completed credits and current GPA. It is best to contact the academic advisors or the graduation unit at the Registrar’s Office to discuss individual cases for further advice.

15. If I am repeating the course for the third time in Spring 2020 and I get an F grade or NP, am I allowed a fourth chance to repeat the course?
Yes, you will be allowed a fourth chance exceptionally for courses you are taking this spring 2020 semester.

Scholastic Standing

16. What does freezing the Scholastic Standing mean?
If you are in academic difficulty and your Spring CGPA turns out to be below 2.00, you will not be harmed any further and your previous semester’s standing will be in effect.
If you improve your standing by attaining a CGPA of 2.00 or above in Spring 2020, your probation will be cleared.
If you choose letter grading in Spring 2020 for at least 12 credits and your CGPA improves, you will be entitled to scholastic recognition, Honor or Distinction.

17. My CGPA is currently 3.70, can I graduate with High Distinction if I raise my CGPA to above 3.80?
Yes, you can.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

18. How will my choice of grading system impact my Financial Aid package at LAU?
Need-based Financial Aid will continue irrespective of your GPA.

19. If I choose P/NP, will the GPA remain unchanged for Spring 2020 (i.e. based on Fall 2019) and hence my scholarship conditions that I had earlier will prevail?
Yes, if you choose P/NP for all Spring 2020 courses, your Fall 2019 GPA will prevail regarding scholarship conditions.

20. If I complete at least 24 credits by the end of Spring 2020 with a CGPA of 3.5 and above, would I be eligible for honors scholarships if I choose P/NP for some or all my Spring 2020 courses?
Yes, if your CGPA at the end of Spring 2020 is 3.50 or above.

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