Governance and Administration

Office of the Provost

Campus Life Council


The Campus Life Council (CLC) plans, coordinates, helps to implement and evaluate all non-academic activities, and provides effective administrative coordination for its respective campus. This council also arbitrates on all said activities and gives necessary guidance to students and other members of the campus community on their unique role, through campus life, in fulfilling the mission and goals of the university. More specifically, the council performs the following duties:

  1. Initiating policies and procedures supportive of the Student Councils to reach their goals as outlined in their bylaws.
  2. Supervising and providing guidance to the Student Councils in carrying out their responsibilities as outlined in their bylaws.
  3. Supporting and supervising, in cooperation with the Dean of Students Office, the Student Council elections.
  4. Evaluating the beginning and end-of-year activities including convocation and commencement, social, cultural, recreational, athletic, and artistic activities and programs of the campus.
  5. Proposing and reviewing ground rules for granting awards to students.
  6. Suggesting improvements in areas pertaining to students’ wellbeing.
  7. Helping to formulate proposals concerning the physical improvement of the campus.
  8. Recommending policies and programs to enhance the spiritual, moral, ethical, and civic development of the students.
  9. Encouraging students to participate in social activities and programs that respond to the needs of the community.
  10. Acting on all student petitions referred to it within the general rules of the university.
  11. Acting on all requests for activities proposed by the various university entities other than the schools.
  12. Acting on requests from the Campus Student Council.
  13. Acting on disciplinary cases referred to it by the schools, offices, or committees, in accordance with the University Rules and Regulations.


The CLC is composed of four faculty members - from different schools whenever possible - one senator, the president and secretary of the Campus Student Council, the Director of Hospitality, the Director of the Protection Department, the Dean of Students, the Dean of Students Program Coordinator, the Director of Media and Public Relations, and the Director of Athletics.


Faculty and senate committee members serve a staggered three-year term, while students serve a one-year term.

Method of Operation

The council sends its recommendations to the Student Affairs Council.


Campus Life Council - Beirut

Campus Life Council - Byblos