Novel Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)

LAU Measures

Action Plan for COVID-19 Outbreak in LAU Premises

Definition of Close Contact 

Close contact can involve any member of the LAU community, whether a student, faculty or staff, either through direct face-to-face contact or through touching.

Close contact includes someone who:

Suspected case of COVID-19:

If a student/staff/faculty becomes unwell

NB:The suspected case of COVID-19 should be quarantined until the test result is out

If the test is negative, the student/faculty/staff should stay at home until total recovery

If the test is positive:

Locations in LAU premises will be closed upon the recommendation of the LAU-Medical Center infectious diseases team.

People not identified to be in contact with the confirmed case do not need to take any precautions or make any changes to their own activities such as attending educational settings or work, unless they become unwell or are required to do so by government authorities or the LAU administration to limit the spread of the virus. 

The resumption of the classes and the end of quarantine will also be decided according to the recommendations and assessment of the infectious diseases team at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital.

Finally, if a student, staff, or faculty member attended class, work, work-study, or some other type of gathering or event prior to being confirmed as a COVID-19 case, infected person should inform the Health Services Office. Risk assessments will be conducted and appropriate measures taken in collaboration with the medical experts from LAU Medical Center- Rizk Hospital. 

LAU COVID-19 protocols

Access to Campuses

During the strictly-essential-services-only operations period, and for its duration, the campuses will be accessible to faculty, post-docs, individual students for cause, and staff on duty.

Remote Education (Online)

LAU continues to prioritize the transition of academic programs to online platforms. Our academic division has already made considerable strides in moving courses online, and have finalized most, if not all, transitions of courses which can be delivered online. Additional messages from our Provost or our academic Deans will be forthcoming as needed.

For more help on our supported tools, please check out this page.


The entire process from applying to paying the application fees and sending all the documents can be done online. The team is available by email and through the online chat service. Visit the Admissions Office website for details.

Tuition Fees

Due to the prevailing situation, the second payment deadline along with the service charges computation will be postponed until further notice.

Students with outstanding fees should email us for assistance.

Beirut campus:
Byblos campus:

Certificates and Transcripts

As a safety measure, the Registrar’s Office will not provide documents in person. However, it will continue to offer online services related to document requests (excluding diplomas) via the E-Request option.

Academic Advisors

The academic advisors will be available online to assist you with inquiries and provide you with the needed guidance regarding rules and regulations, new grading system, how to overcome academic difficulties, and much more. Please view the detailed list of our services and how you can reach us

Academic Success Center (tutoring)

The Academic Success Center is committed to the success of students and we continue to offer most of the tutoring sessions online. The tutoring sessions are delivered via ZOOM or WebEx and the summer semester e-tutoring schedule will be available soon on  Portal .

Career Development Services 

The Career Development Services team remains committed to assisting students and alumni as well as employers virtually using online platforms such as WebEx and Zoom. To answer some of your questions and concerns, please view the detailed list of our services.

Travel Policies and Campus Restrictions

All business travel has been discontinued until further notice. Personal travel requires pre-clearance and approval with the relevant Dean or VP.

Activities and Events

All university activities and events have been postponed until further notice.

March 21 EEE Postponed:

As the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic continues to escalate in Lebanon and as the safety of our current and prospective students is of utmost importance to us, the English Entrance Exam scheduled for March 21, 2020 will be postponed. For updates on the revised schedule of EEE and SEE exams, kindly visit the application page on the University website.

LAU Facilities


A thorough sanitizing process was carried out on Sunday, March 1, at the Residence Halls on Beirut and Byblos campuses and this process will continue in the coming weeks. As per the university decision, classes and some university services such as the Gym, Library, etc. will remain suspended as long as the university is closed. During this period, please abide by the following procedures:

For students staying at the dorms:

For students who have left the dorms:

Visitors to the Dorms:


LAU Athletics facilities will be closed on both campuses.


LAU Libraries will remain closed until further notice. Due dates of all checked out books & DVDs will be extended, and no fines will accrue.

The following remote services will however remain to be available:

We encourage everyone to explore and make use of the online resources and research guides that are available on the LAU Libraries’ website.

LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital

The below are recommendations to limit exposure of patients, visitors and staff to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Limited Points of Entry to the Facility

Building A entrance access, laundry access from the street, parking exit access from the street, and the old ER gate (dialysis access) will be closed to pedestrians.

All pedestrians (patients, visitors, and staff, etc.) will only have access to the hospital premises through:

N.B. Visitors will only be allowed to enter the hospital premises during visiting hours. Staff are requested to avoid receiving visitors to their offices, unless necessary.

All LAU Medical Center-RH staff will have to present their LAU Medical Center-RH identification card in order to access the facility.


The cafeteria will be closed for visitors until further notice with limited access for staff.

For further inquiries, please feel free to contact any member of the Infectious Diseases Team (Dr. Jacques Mokhbat, Dr. Rola Husni Samaha and Dr. Anna Farra) through the Hospital’s operator.

Managed Access and Movement within the Facility: 

ER Preparedness

MSU 6B Preparedness

Pre-Admission Unit (PAU) and Admissions Office:

Outpatient Clinics Appointments:

For information and updates from our experts on COVID-19, please visit the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital COVID-19 webpage.