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Academic Advising

The academic advisors remain committed to facilitating all students’ academic needs.

For any questions regarding rules and regulations, new grading system, or any academic advising guidance needed to overcome academic difficulties, it is highly recommended that you seek your academic advisors’ assistance by utilizing any of the following services:

Online Chatting

Please feel free to chat with our academic advisors through our new chatting service. This service is available to all students on both Beirut and Byblos campus starting 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Connect with us through the chatting system


All meetings/appointments are conducted  virtually via Webex, please select your relevant campus:  Beirut  Byblos.


Feel free to email us regarding any of your concerns/queries and we will get back to you; please select your relevant campus:  Beirut  Byblos

Contact us for any other Service

In addition to the above, the academic advisors are ready to go over your degree evaluation with you and answer any inquiries you may have to assist you in improving your grades and achieving good academic standing.

LAU Academic Advisors

Beirut  Byblos