Fees for 2020-2021

Other Fees

The amounts below are in US dollars. For those wishing to settle fees in Lebanese Pounds, please visit this page.

Description Frequency/Basis Fees
Student Association Per year 400
Student Association Graduate & Others Per year 220
Late Registration Per semester 250
Official transcript Per copy 10
Unofficial transcript Per copy Free
Reprinting of diploma Per copy 60
Cover of diploma Per copy 20
Reprinting of honor certificates Per copy Free
Registrar’s statements and certificates Per copy 5
Financial aid rate Per hour 9.95


Description Frequency/Basis Fees
Bus transportation — students Per semester 480
Summer 365
Monday/Friday (2 trips per week) 180
Auxiliary Services Nursing Students Per semester 190
Summer 125

Parking (including VAT; per car)

Description Frequency/Basis Fees
Byblos Students, Underground Parking Per term 177
Per summer 90
Byblos Students, Outdoor Parking (Frem) Per term 103
Per summer 53
Byblos Students, Outdoor Parking Lots A & B Per term Free
Per summer Free
Beirut & Byblos, Staff and Faculty (excluding grades 1–5) Per month LBP 67,000
Beirut & Byblos, Staff grades 1–5 Per month LBP 34,000

Other Fees / Miscellaneous

Description Frequency/Basis Fees
Library fines 0.5 per day (max 50)
Library printing Minimum 100 pages 2
Each additional 50 pages 1
A3 pages / Black and white 0.17
A3 pages / Color 1.33
Lost book Cost + 50%
Inter Library Loans/Document Delivery Services fees for delivering articles through Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) 15 per article
ILL/DDS fees for delivering books through OCLC 35 per book
Lost mailbox key 3
Lost ID (faculty, staff, students) 10
Lost Parking Card 10
Locker’s rent 20 per year
Deposit for one locker (paid once) 20
Mobile lockers — Library 40 per semester
Library small locker 20 per semester
Laptops, iPads, e-readers (Kindle, Sony Reader), calculators — Library Replacement cost
Laptops, iPads, e-readers (Kindle, Sony Reader) overdue fees — Library $0.50 per hour (max 10)
Research Centers and Institutions subscription fees — Library 1,000 per year
Individual Students enrolled in other institutions subscription fees — Library 300 per year
Individual Research subscription fees — Library $10 per day
Daily charge — Cap & gown late charge $5 per day
Lost graduation apparel Cap 11
Gown 58
Hood 53
Collar 6
Tassel 4
Entire apparel for undergraduate students 140
Entire apparel for graduate students 245
Deferred payment fee for non financial aid students 50
DHL Fees (+VAT) Per transaction DHL rate + $5