Fees for 2020-2021

Residence Hall Item Fees

The amounts below are in US dollars. For those wishing to settle fees in Lebanese Pounds, please visit this page.

Item Frequency/Basis Fees
Mattress Single — Size 1 Per mattress 226
Mattress Single — Size 2 Per mattress 373
Blanket “Wool” Per blanket 114
Pillow Per pillow 12
Pillow case Per pillow 6
Pillow protector Per item 7
Bed or mattress fit Per pad 24
Sheet Per sheet 17
Small towel Per towel 9
Bed cover Per cover 114
Door key Per key 7
Closet key Per key 4
Key holder Per package of 50 units 12
Door lock Per item 114
Closet lock Per item 9
Desk lamp Per item 34
Night lamp Per item 34
Wastebasket (5l) Per item 12
Wastebasket (10l) Per item 17
Plastic table Per item 24
Pin board Per item 29