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A creative legacy

The Department of Humanities organized the third annual Haas Mroue’s Creative Writing Workshop.

The annual workshop is funded by Haas Mroue’s mother, Najwa Mounla, and the Haas Mroue Memorial Fund.

Unrecyclable posters from around the L.A.U. campus were used to create poetry with pictures, cut-outs, and plenty of imagination.

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On May 18, students, instructors from LAU and AUB, and creative writing enthusiasts from different disciplines gathered to learn how to craft memorable dialogues and ‘turn trash into poetry’ at the third annual Haas Mroue’s Creative Writing Workshop. Organized by Dr. Dany Badran, assistant professor of English, Dr. Rula Diab, chairperson of the Department of English Language Instruction, and Samira Shami, English instructor, the event was divided into two sections. The first, led by Naji Bakhti, LAU Creative Writing Instructor, focused on conflict in dialogue and shed light on verisimilitude through a range of exercises. He had students give inanimate items characteristics and create dialogues between the objects. The second session, led by Abir Ward, English instructor, utilized unrecyclable posters from around the LAU campus to create poetry using pictures, cut-outs and plenty of imagination. Participants were able to derive inspiration from a single word or picture and visualize a poem. The purpose of the session was to learn to adapt one’s message to available words.


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