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Boosting business students’ competitiveness in the job market

LAU’s Cooperative Learning Center continues its successful workshop series with seminars on business communication skills and job interview techniques.

The Cooperative Learning Center at LAU's School of Business continues its successful workshop series with seminars on business communication skills and job interview techniques.

Communication and job interview skills not only play a fundamental role in shaping well-rounded business graduates, but also boost staff and faculty members’ chances of finding their ideal positions in a competitive job market.

The most recent workshops organized by the Cooperative Learning Center at LAU’s School of Business trained business students, graduates and faculty members on communication and presentation skills (in April), and job interview techniques (May 11-12).

“The mission of the center is to contribute to LAU’s academic excellence by providing services that support both students and faculty in achieving their academic goals,” says Dr. Tarek Mikdashi, dean of LAU Beirut’s School of Business, who oversees the center.

Through the various services it provides free of charge, CLC serves as a cornerstone for the growing School of Business at LAU Beirut.

The center tutors students, proctors exams, provides assistance to business students with special needs, schedules rooms and courses, and coordinates the Executive Master of Business Administration program.

CLC also works to create market awareness of LAU’s role in the business community, participating in career fairs and other exhibitions where the center represents the School of Business.

Last month’s workshop on communication and presentation skills consisted of 12 hours of instruction, divided into four sessions. Attendees described the experience as fun, friendly and interactive.

Participants had the option of attending weekly sessions on Wednesdays or Saturdays.

Hisham Hashash, the CLC senior academic assistant, expressed delight with the success of the workshop, which follows on that of the enormously popular Microsoft Excel seminar.

“The number of attendees has been huge and the level of seriousness and cooperation high,” says Hashash. “There has been a longstanding need for workshops of this kind.”

Manhal Saleh, an M.B.A. graduate, was excited to participate in the training program.

“It was an exciting and beneficial experience,” Saleh says. “I advise everyone to enroll in these workshops.”

The workshops provide the technical expertise that business students are likely to require in current or future occupations, according to Vicken Bahlawanian, CLC graduate assistant.

“The sessions offer practical training as well as learning theories,” Bahlawanian says.

CLC continues to plan for future training programs. “The center has scheduled upcoming workshops in effective team building, time management and conflict resolution management,” Mikdashi says.


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