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LAU and Zahle’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in team up to open a Continuing Education Program Center for the city


National and local figures attended the event.

With the aim of encouraging professional and educational development in the Bekaa region, LAU and the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Zahle inaugurated a Continuing Education Program (CEP) Center, their second common outreach project, on October 4th. The center will offer a variety of workshops and courses in continuing professional education, post-secondary certification, post-baccalaureate diploma and professional English language, bringing quality education closer to local residents.

The presence of local government, security officials and religious figures at the signing of the partnership agreement highlighted the importance of the event. This collaboration will allow the CEP Center immediate access to a contact list of over 1,000 active clients in the area.

Director of the Chamber of Commerce’s Training Center, Maria Diab El Maalouf qualified the initiative as a major contribution to “the development of scientific abilities and productivity of those in the Bekaa area.”

LAU President Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra announced the offering of 20 CEP grants dedicated to high-achieving students from the region He also took the opportunity to thank the chamber for their support and provisional donation of the premises.

“The goal of the chamber is to enhance the essential abilities of our society and its institutions,” declared Vice President of the Chamber and the founder of its Training Center, Mounir Tini. With a shared vision to strengthen community development in the Bekaa, LAU and the chamber’s new partnership serves this objective effectively. “It is impossible to build successful institutions if we are not able to form successful individuals. This collaboration aims inevitably to expand individual productivity, upon which the institutions are founded,” Tini added. Here, is where the core vision of the CEP lies, in offering the support that can help form successful individuals and create brighter futures.

“CEP’s strategy is to spread the ability to reach out to communities and business people. We hope to bridge the gap between standards of business and leadership, and the needs of society and businesses out there in the field,” said Michel Majdalani, CEP’s director.

CEP offers three categories of certification: post-secondary programs such as business, office management, pre-school education, and capacity building programs for non-governmental organizations; post-graduate certification in areas such as finance, human resources, security systems, information systems, and project management; as well as continuing professional education programs that promote professional and ethical standards for working professionals.

Founded in the 1980s, the program has been steadily increasing its certificate-based offerings, while establishing new satellites across Lebanon, allowing residents in the North, South and Bekaa to access its services. At its January 2013 graduation ceremony - which celebrated over 190 of its students’ new educational and professional accomplishments - Majdalani announced an immense expansion plan. The opening of the new center in Zahle is the first step.


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