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Exhibiting artistic excellence

The Fine Arts Department’s end of year exhibit demonstrates the diversity of artistic talent emerging from LAU.

A wide range of student works were presented.

The annual event showcases to the public and to the Lebanese art world the quality of work that is coming out of LAU.

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Patrons of the End of Year Fine Arts Exhibition, held earlier this month in the Safadi Fine Arts Building, were pleasantly surprised by the array of works featured this year, ranging from black and white photographs to clay sculptures.

The diversity of work was inspiring and showed that students had been given space to explore new techniques, develop their own styles and grow as artists.

“It was a very thoughtful exhibition- both the artwork itself and the format in which it was displayed,” said art enthusiast Rosemary Maxton. “It was impressive to see the wide range of media and techniques employed by art students. The placing of deeper thematic artwork alongside pieces worthy of appreciation for their simple beauty was a sophisticated and effective approach.”

The exhibition allowed fine arts students in courses relating to practical skills to show the fruit of their labor, many of them for the first time.

“It provides artists with a sense of security and gives them confidence to see their work showcased,” said Liane Mathes Rabbath, whose senior project was featured in the exhibit.

The annual event showcases to the public and to the Lebanese art world the quality of work that is coming out of LAU. Rachid Bohsali, chairman of the Fine Arts Department emphasized how valuable this exposure is, saying it “gives a very positive image of the country and its culture.”

For other LAU students, the exhibit is a unique opportunity to explore the Fine Arts Department and consider tapping into their own creative sides.

As the only university in the region to have an English language fine arts program, and alongside the exceptional quality of the work coming out of LAU, there is much to boast about.

Post graduation, LAU artists will surely be presented the opportunity to display their work again, but for many, the Fine Arts end of year exhibition is sure to stick in their memories.

Mathes Rabbath for one was hugely appreciative of the experience her tutors provided her with, and the emotionally charged moments that were shared. “I will always cherish these privileged moments of joy and fear, laughter and tears, where from basic rough material, we could develop and build stunning pieces of art.”


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