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Graduating students showcase projects in new computer center

New computer lab in Beirut is inaugurated at end-of-year projects presentation by computer science graduating class.

Joseph Costa, a computer science senior, explains to one of the viewers how his electronic food menu works.

Dr. Samer Habre, chair of LAU's Mathematics and Computer Science Department in Beirut; LAU President Joseph Jabbra; and Provost Abdallah Sfeir at the newly renovated computer center.

Computer science seniors Alecman Kazandjian and Mireille Kidjekouchian show their "E-Quiz" program to their professor, Dr. Habre.

Computer science student describes his final project to Dr. Jabbra.

Visitors come in to view the new computer center as well as the final projects of the computer science students.

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A long-awaited computer lab on the Beirut campus officially opened at an event on June 12 — the last day of classes — where graduating computer science students showcased their end-of-year projects.

The event featured projects ranging from security alarm systems to electronic menus and attracted visitors from various schools and offices as well as LAU President Joseph Jabbra.

Computer science student Mahmoud Saleh’s project, entitled “My Employee Portal,” served the function of organizing a schedule for employees and keeping them regularly up-to-date with relevant information.

Another student showcased a “Smart Alarm System” that was capable of keeping track of any intruders entering a hotel or even a village.

There was even a project called “The Whistler,” where the program can recognize the song just by an individual whistling the tune.

Dr. Samer Habre, chair of LAU’s Department of Computer Science and Mathematics in Beirut, credits the creation of the new computer center to Dr. Jabbra. “It was the president’s initiative,” he says. “It was not part of our budget in the department. One day I received a phone call saying the center is going to be renovated. Of course this was music to my ears.”

Habre explained the old computer lab had become a rather unappealing workspace while the new one “encourages students to study and be in the center.”

One of the visitors to the graduation show was Associate Professor of psychology Huda Abdo. “I think the new facility is fabulous … It’s inviting for students,” she said. It can motivate students to spend more time than usual studying there, “because the environment is conductive.”


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