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It’s electric! Energy-efficient motorcycles park at LAU Beirut

In pictures — Electric bikes and motorcycles are displayed on campus as part of a lecture on alternative transport options.

In pictures —

Students got the inside scoop on up-and-coming alternative modes of transportation during a lecture on electric bicycles and motorcycles held at LAU Beirut on July 8.

The lecture was given by Mohamed Chehab, CEO and general manager of TechTrax, a Lebanon-based distribution company that specializes in electric vehicles and alternative power.

According to Dr. Ahmad Houri, associate professor of chemistry at LAU Beirut’s Natural Sciences Department, the lecture was organized so that his Introduction to Environmental Science students could gain exposure to local initiatives taking place in the field.

“If used on a wide scale in Lebanon, electric bikes and motorcycles would have a very important environmental impact, especially on improving air quality in the urban areas,” says Houri. “However, wide-scale use is still dependent on more reliable electricity supplies, available infrastructure, and cheaper prices.”

electric-bikes-01-big.jpgHouri introduced the concept of the alternative transport lecture to his students.

electric-bikes-02-big.jpgChehab told the audience of students that green energy is changing the way people live. “With electric vehicles, you’re consuming less and economizing on what you consume,” he said.

electric-bikes-03-big.jpgA battery-operated electric vehicle on display outside Orme-Grey Hall at LAU Beirut.

electric-bikes-04-big.jpgChehab explained the battery life and cost of the electric bikes and motorcycles on display to students of the Introduction to Environmental Science course.

electric-bikes-05-big.jpgHere, Chehab demonstrates some of the bike’s components.


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