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LAU alumni reaffirm their commitment to their alma mater

Alumni in Abu Dhabi and Muscat at annual alumni dinners show their loyalty runs deep with scholarship donations.


The support of the alumni has led to greater opportunities for gifted students.


Sufyan Al Saleh was honored for his service as the chairperson of the Lebanese Business Council in Abu Dhabi, a prestigious council serving the Lebanese community there. President of the Alumni Association, Mrs. Leila Dagher, was also recognized.


Lebanese singers Reine Askhar and Joe Ashkar (pictured) were flown in from Beirut to provide the entertainment for the Abu Dhabi crowds.


Singer Aline Lahoud serenaded audiences in Muscat.

In the latest show of their ongoing commitment to their alma mater, LAU alumni in the Gulf have raised significant funds towards financial aid.

Huge numbers of alumni and local residents attended annual gala dinners in Abu Dhabi and Muscat in March. At both events, major donations were made to support student scholarships.

“I am once again humbled by the continuing loyalty and generosity of our alumni, whose support means highly qualified students are able to enroll at LAU without having to worry about their financial circumstances,” said Abdallah Al-Khal, executive director of Alumni Relations.

“The funds generated at these dinners will make an enormous difference to our students, who in today’s difficult economic climate need more support than ever. I want to thank all LAU alumni, both here in the Gulf and throughout the world, for showing that their bond with their alma mater needn’t end at graduation,” he added.

At the Abu Dhabi dinner, chapter president Naim Estephan praised the enduring commitment of the university’s alumni, noting how their support resulted in greater opportunities for gifted students. “I hope that the support of LAU’s alumni continues forever,” he said. Carla Khalil, president of the Oman chapter, said education played a vital role in the formation of global leaders. “My dream is for every competent young man and woman to be able to get a quality education in order to make the world a better place,” she said.

Because of the unflagging support of alumni, LAU has gone from strength to strength in recent years, said Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra, LAU president. The generosity of LAU’s many friends and alumni has enabled the university to launch several new majors and to recently inaugurate the Chagoury Health Sciences Center, a cutting-edge research and teaching facility for medical, nursing and pharmacy students. “All members of LAU are one close-knit family,” he said, thanking the alumni for their dedication. “We educate ambitious youth who care about developing the country and the region.”


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