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LAU Pharm.D. students receive their academic hoods

The graduating class of 2016 marks its entry into the pharmacy profession.


Thirty-two students graduated this year.


The graduating class with the school’s faculty members.


Valedictorian students address their graduating class.

Thirty-two new pharmacists received on July 13 the academic hood representing their vocation. Elegant in their academic attire, the Pharm.D. graduates celebrated their first professional achievement on Byblos Campus.

“There are two important events in our lives,” said LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra in his greeting to the pharmacy class of 2016, “one is our birth, which we have no control over, and one is determining who we are and what we want to do in our lives, which is what you have just done.”

Jabbra also reminded the graduating students of the responsibilities bestowed upon them by their newly acquired qualifications. “You are called upon to play a very positive role in society,” he said, “don’t forget that you are the servants of your patients.”

One by one, the students rose and walked on stage to receive the olive-green velvet hood, which they draped over the shoulder of their black graduation gown. “The position you are currently in is one so many people yearn to be in,” said Dean Imad Btaiche, who shook hands with the students as they marched along the stage. “Never lose sight of your mission,” he added, “you work for the welfare of humanity.”

A number of awards were distributed to the graduating class, including the Pharmacy Curriculum Outcomes Assessment (PCOA) Award, which went to Tatiana Abi Nader, who scored the highest grade; the Student Professionalism Award, given to Karl Awaida in recognition of the exemplary dedication he had shown during courses and clerkship rotations; and the Student Clinical Excellence Award, granted to Perla Saoud for her outstanding clinical knowledge, practice skills and professional standards during her P4 clinical clerkship rotations.

Tatiana Abi Nader and Perla Saoud were also the recipients of the Highest GPA Award and had therefore the honor of addressing their graduating class during the hooding ceremony. “Today we celebrate our time together as a family and we leave armed with knowledge,” they said during the valedictorian speech. “It is now our time to be the change. May we, as Lebanese, be a light among the nations and spread the values LAU has engrained in us.” 


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