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LAU students host fundraiser to entertain children with cancer

40 patients from the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon attended a fun-filled event, featuring Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdelnour.

The children from the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon on stage with Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdelnour, at the fundraiser organized by LAU students.

The clown entertains the children with games.

Student Rouba Jaafar hands an award to Abdelnour.

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Eight LAU students taking the Introduction to Public Relations course hosted 40 children from the Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon for a fun-filled fundraiser, featuring a clown and Lebanese singer Cyrine Abdelnour, on February 18, in the Irwin Hall Auditorium of the Beirut campus.

One of the requirements of the class, taught by Dr. Ramez Maluf, associate professor of communications and chair of LAU’s Communication Arts Department, is organizing a real event.

Though he never assigns specific types of events, Maluf says he is “always pleasantly surprised that at least half of the groups organize events that are related to helping charities.”

Rouba Jaafar, one of the student organizers of the fundraiser, said the group — which also included Omar El Koussy, Taima Al Farouqi, Farah Shami, Layan Doueik, Mirna Baydoun, Youssef Khaizaran, and Samia Buhulaiyem — wanted to help the children in the center in any way possible and did not expect the results it got.

“It was more than I expected. The kids were so happy,” Jaafar said, adding, “Everyone was happy, even the adults.”

The funds amounted to over $2,000 but more important was the joy on the faces of the children.

“It’s good when you feel like you’re helping these kids and when you see a smile on their faces. We were really tired but when we saw them laughing, dancing and playing we were so happy, we forgot everything,” Jaafar said.

The event, which was attended by around 250 people, featured a documentary about CCCL, followed by a clown performance that included games with the children. Surprise gifts were distributed to the children.

Abdelnour also performed for the children and then brought them on stage to sing and dance with her.

“Cyrine was so nice. She canceled everything to come to this event,” Jaafar said.


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