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LAU’s banking institute wraps up annual summer seminar series

Renowned experts trained local businessmen in bank management, risk assessment and teamwork.


Phillip Borzilleri lectures during an IBAF seminar.


IBAF seminar participants discuss material.

LAU’s Institute for Banking and Finance drew dozens of local bankers, businessmen from other industries and executive M.B.A. students to attend its 12th annual summer business seminars that took place on the Byblos campus from July 6–14.

The six seminars covered a wide variety of topics designed to train business professionals to improve their management skills, engage employees and lead their companies to success.

Each seminar lasted one day excerpt for the first one, titled “Bank Risk Management Before and After the Financial Collapse,” which was held over a span of three days.

“I wouldn’t say that [any one topic] is more important than the others,” says Dr. Elias Raad, IBAF director. “Some people think bank risk management is an important topic, while others find leadership and teamwork to be important.”

Dr. Joseph F. Sinkey, a former professor of financial institutions at the University of Georgia, led the bank risk management seminar, which was attended by 32 people. A distinguished scholar, Sinkey has published seven books and traveled to dozens of cities worldwide to give speeches and hold similar workshops.

An average of 36 people attended the other five seminars, which were led by Phillip Borzilleri, senior vice president of Morin & Associates, an American training and consulting firm for financial institutions, and a professor at DeVry University’s Keller Graduate School of Management in St. Louis, Missouri.

IBAF was established in 1997 specifically for the purpose of holding training seminars, Raad explains.

“The Dean [of the School of Business in Byblos Wassim Shahin] and I thought that there is a need for training, especially in the banking area, so we established this institute,” Raad says.

The IBAF seminars have taken place each year since the institute’s founding, except 2007.

More information on the annual seminars can be found on the IBAF’s website.


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