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LAU’s international university theater festival welcomes hundreds

theater-festival2010-24-big.jpgHiba Saab leads an outdoor yoga workshop.

theater-festival2010-12-big.jpgOn July 25, AUB students performed their play, In the Mind of Society, which examines the relations between the study of entropy and the dynamics of social behavior.

theater-festival2010-13-big.jpgWe Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! was performed by Haigazian University students. A serious comedy, the play is about housewives who rebel against rapidly increasing food prices by “liberating” store goods, prompting the police to investigate.

theater-festival2010-14-big.jpgLAU student production Comme La Pierre was performed on July 26. It is about a prisoner who has committed several crimes and who, after his last murder, realizes that his ruthless sins are not making him feel fulfilled.

theater-festival2010-15-big.jpgActors from the Ornina Institute in Syria performed Melo Drama on July 26. The play is about the experiences and relationship of two actors — a young man in his 20s and one in his 60s — who set sail for Hollywood, Bollywood and Egypt in pursuit of their careers.

theater-festival2010-16-big.jpgAlso on July 26, a group from the University Cultural Center in Monastir, Tunisia, performed The Fair Lady, during which the characters created different scenes by acting and reacting to the same music.

theater-festival2010-17-big.jpgLebanese University students presented A Man for a Man on July 27. The play is about three British soldiers who lose their friend in a trap, and try to convince a civilian to pretend that he is one of them so they do not all get killed.

theater-festival2010-18-big.jpgActor Rami Eid led an outdoor Capoeira workshop on July 27.

theater-festival2010-19-big.jpgOn July 27, students from the American University in Cairo performed The Virtuous Burglar, a play about a burglar who breaks into a house to find himself caught in a messy web of infidelities.

theater-festival2010-20-big.jpgZeina Daccache, Sally Beylee and Myra Saad gave a presentation on drama and art therapy, a technique that uses theater to promote personal growth and psychological health. Drama therapy can be used in hospitals, schools, prisons, mental facilities, and business settings.

About two years ago, Daccache brought drama therapy to the Roumieh Prison in Lebanon, leading to a performance by inmates before Lebanese government officials.

theater-festival2010-21-big.jpgThe Actor was performed on July 28, the final night of the festival, by actors from the Higher Institute for Performing Arts in Kuwait. It is about a group of unemployed people who meet every day in a café and attempt to repress the parliament in any way possible.

theater-festival2010-22-big.jpgLAU students also performed I Want This Man on July 28, the story of a lady named Nayla who is in love with and tries to propose to a man called Fouad by going to his office and introducing herself.

theater-festival2010-23-big.jpgThe last performance of the festival was Cindy and Julie by LAU students. The play is about two women, Cinderella and Juliet, who meet and commiserate about romantic love and what went wrong with their marriages.

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