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LAU partners with the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development to launch the Leadership and Constitutional Education Academy.

Dr. Jabbra and MP Hariri at the signing ceremony.

The program aims to train 600 grade 8, 10, and 11 students on both the practical and legal fundamentals of leadership.

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The Outreach and Civic Engagement (OCE) unit, in partnership with the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Human Development (HFSHD), is organizing a series of leadership workshops targeting students from various educational institutions in the framework of the newly formed Leadership and Constitutional Education Academy (LCEA).

“Thanks to the efforts of leading universities like LAU, Lebanon is and always will be a pioneer in education,” said Sidon MP Bahia Hariri after signing a cooperative agreement on February 23. “This project is a great, long-term investment for Lebanon, and we hope that the students will not only take their teachings home, but apply them in society, as well.”

Indeed, the program aims to train 600 grade 8, 10, and 11 students on both the practical and legal fundamentals of leadership. A total of seven weekly training sessions delivered by over 20 LAU students from both campuses will take place starting March 16.

The workshops will focus on the essentials and the practical dimensions of engaged leadership; the legal aspect of leadership in terms of national principles, sovereignty, identity, unity, and development; the administrative, political and judicial reforms; and the implications of building active citizenship.

The foremost importance of this program lies in the fact that it will encourage dialogue among students, promote equity and equality, and help the participants to understand their own civic rights and duties. They will also acquire basic democracy and citizenship principles, and engage in community-based initiatives.

LCEA’s workshops ultimately aim to foster team spirit among the participants, in addition to improving their communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills.

To complement the student-focused work, OCE staff will train over 30 teachers and administrators from the Rafik Hariri High School on educational leadership, project management, and intercultural and experiential learning development.

“Globalization, in spite of all its advantages, has also had negative repercussions,” said LAU President Dr. Joseph G. Jabbra at LCEA’s inauguration ceremony. “It has widened the societal and economic gap in Lebanon, and it is our duty as Lebanese citizens to do our best to bridge these differences. Indeed, this is what LCEA hopes to achieve.”

Proud that OCE is spreading its culture of leadership with a growing number of educational institutions,OCE Executive Director Elie Samia says “this partnership bears witness to the academic credibility of our pedagogical philosophy. I have no doubt this initiative will prove to be successful and gratifying.”


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