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Lebanese actor brightens Middle School Model UN training

In pictures — George Khabbaz gives a surprise visit and shares his experience with middle school students.

In pictures —

The Middle School LAU Model UN’s sixth training session, held on March 19, was not an ordinary one.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-01-big.jpgAll participants were asked to assemble at LAU Beirut’s Gulbenkian Theatre for a presentation on public speaking and role playing, and not to disperse to their classes as usual.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-02-big.jpgJoelle Eid, Middle School MUN secretary-general, welcomed them and revealed the presentation would be followed by the visit of a special guest.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-03-big.jpgThe event started with a demonstration by Middle School MUN trainers.

Ralph Abi Sleiman (left) demonstrated bad public-speaking techniques in a hilarious but educating way, while giving Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech, “I Have a Dream.”

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-04-big.jpgAnother trainer, Ramzi Aweida, gave the same speech but in a more proper way. The students graded them both, choosing Aweida as the better speaker.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-05-big.jpgThen, Eid explained the importance of public speaking and the best methods to overcome stage fright. She invited students on stage to do some practical exercises.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-06-big.jpgRole playing was also demonstrated through hands-on activities carried out under Eid’s supervision. Two students talked about their favorite and least favorite football teams, and tried to put themselves in each other’s shoes.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-07-big.jpgThe surprise guest, renowned Lebanese actor George Khabbaz, was then revealed.

Based on his extensive experience locally and internationally, Khabbaz advised middle schoolers about the special techniques to master public speaking and role playing. He also described different incidents that had happened with him on stage, and performed some of his sketches.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-08-big.jpgNext, six middle school students representing their respective MUN classes took turns to present various violence-prevention topics they had previously tackled in class, and to promote their cause. Each class dealt with a specific type of violence, including violence against domestic workers, children, women, the environment, animals, and peers at school.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-09-big.jpgFollowing the presentations, all the Middle School MUN students stood up to pledge an oath to work against violence in all of its forms, and pass their resolve to future generations.

george-khabbaz-mun-presentation-10-big.jpgAt the end of the event, Khabbaz received an honorary plaque from the Middle School LAU MUN team, for his creative work.

Here, Khabbaz with Middle School MUN trainers; Dr. Elise Salem (2nd from right), LAU vice president for Student Development and Enrollment Management; and Elie Samia (4th from right), executive director of LAU’s Outreach and Civic Engagement unit.


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