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Pharmacy Day spreads awareness on H1N1 and effective medication use

In pictures — The event kicked off a new year of NAPHASS activities.

In pictures —

To educate the LAU community on effective drug use and the current Influenza A (H1N1) epidemic, pharmacy students carried out a series of awareness-raising activities on the Byblos campus on November 6, with the collaboration of the Guidance Office-Byblos. The Pharmacy Day was the first event organized for this academic year by the No Apathy Pharmacy and Health Awareness Student Society.


pharmacy-day09-01-big.jpgThe event included a new campaign, “The Flu and You,” related to the current epidemic, in addition to the “Educate Before You Medicate” campaign, which offered information about safe medication use.


With Influenza A (H1N1) constantly in the news, pharmacy students shed light on the signs and symptoms, prevention, vaccination and treatment of the virus, as well as the history of pandemics and pathophysiology. Hand sanitizers were also distributed to passers-by.


pharmacy-day09-03-big.jpgHeight, weight, ideal body weight and body mass index calculations were available.


pharmacy-day09-04-big.jpgBlood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and other tests were also offered.


pharmacy-day09-05-big.jpgPassers-by enjoyed vitamin C-rich fruits and healthy drinks such as orange juice and lemonade.


pharmacy-day09-06-big.jpgDr. Farid Sadik (top, 5th from right), dean of the School of Pharmacy, with pharmacy students and faculty.


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