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Promoting healthy Lebanese food

In pictures — An awareness-raising event is held at LAU Beirut against fad diets and misleading herbal diet medications on the occasion of the International Health Day.

In pictures —

An event raising awareness against fad diets and misleading herbal diet medications was held April 28, on the Beirut campus, on the occasion of the International Health Day. It was organized by the Health Services at the LAU Guidance Office in Beirut, in collaboration with the Event Organization Club to promote healthy, natural traditional Lebanese food.


international-health-day2010-01-big.jpgCalled “Riddouni 3al day3a” (Take me back to the village), the event promoted exercising and having a healthy and balanced diet. Students and other attendees were offered healthy saj snacks, traditional bean and cumin dishes, and Lebanese dried fruits and nuts. 

international-health-day2010-02-big.jpgHealthy natural herbs, fruits and vegetables found in Lebanon were displayed under tents covered with decorative vine leaves, in front of the Safadi Fine Arts Building.

international-health-day2010-03-big.jpgTraditional Lebanese dishes that are healthy and light — such as labneh — were promoted using posters hung over decorative traditional objects representing Lebanese village life, including water and food jars, musical instruments, and old gardening tools.

international-health-day2010-04-big.jpgFive student clubs participated in a live cooking contest held as part of the event. Representatives of the Greek Group, UNESCO Club, Women’s Voice Club, MUN program group, and the Red Cross Club had to prepare creative and healthy fillings for four pieces of saj dough, two as main dishes and two as desserts.

 international-health-day2010-05-big.jpgThe contestants were judged by Dr. Tarek Na’was (5th from right), Dean of Students in Beirut, chefs Afif Hachem (3rd from right) and Chafic Koleilat (2nd from right), from the Hospitality Management Department of LAU’s School of Business, and Janine Zacca, Director of the Guidance Office in Beirut (1st from right). First place went to the MUN program representatives, second place to the Women’s Voice Club, and third place to the UNESCO club. The three winning teams were announced by Na’was at the end of the event and received special trophies. Here, the representatives of all teams pose with jury members.

international-health-day2010-06-big.jpgDr. Na’was and chefs Hachem and Koleilat sample one of the dishes in the cooking contest presented by a student.

international-health-day2010-07-big.jpgThe event started with a small sketch by students, introducing the theme of the event and talking about healthy, natural Lebanese food.

international-health-day2010-08-big.jpgThen, a performance by the Music Club started the dabke spark and had students dancing in front of the Safadi Fine Arts Building hand-in-hand until the end of the event.


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