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Shape it up!

NAPHASS and the Nutrition Club prepare the LAU community for a healthy summer.

The No Apathy Pharmacy and Health Awareness Students Society (NAPHASS) along with the Nutrition Club took over the Byblos campus for a “Shape It Up” event on May 18.

The campaign was aimed at showing the LAU community how to stay healthy and fit during the summer months. As it kicked off, students, faculty and staff came together in the fountain area to participate in an outdoor gym class.

“The summer is quickly approaching and everyone wants to look their best. Our goal is to make sure that they do it safely,” said Dr. Ghada Khoury, clinical assistant professor of pharmacy and NAPHASS coordinator.

While NAPHASS student distributed sunscreen samples, participants could visit the various information booths discussing health and nutrition concepts, such as sun protection, U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved weight loss products, and safe tanning habits.

According to Khoury, awareness campaigns shed light on important social and medical topics that aren’t always well understood. “NAPHASS, being a society of pharmacy students, provides the LAU community with professional and educated answers to various health concerns,” she added.

The event also marks a very special milestone for the Nutrition major at LAU. “The Nutrition major was formed at LAU just about three years ago and we will be graduating our first group of students this spring. It’s wonderful that they were able to make an impact before their graduation,” said Nadine Zeeni, coordinator of the Nutrition Club.



LAU students get in shape for the summer by participating in an outdoor gym class!


Faculty, staff, and student organizers take a break from all of their hard work for a photo-op.


An LAU student shares the importance of safe tanning and a sunscreen sample with one of his peers.


An LAU student demonstrates to her peers how to measure her body composition.


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