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Strengthening relationships through international collaborations

Through the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities, LAU signs cooperation agreements with 77 educational institutions in the Latin American country.


From left: Executive Director of GCUB Rossana Silva, LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra and Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management Elise Salem.

LAU adds Brazil to the ranks of its international partnerships for research and innovation projects, and academic exchange programs. A signing ceremony held last week at the university’s Beirut campus brought together representatives of Grupo Coimbra de Universidades Brasileiras (GCUB), the Brazilian embassy and LAU.

“Breathtaking technological advances have flattened the world,” said LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra, adding, “The role of institutions of higher education is to seize upon opportunities to make sure that that flatness translates into the development of the global citizen, which is exactly what this cooperation will do.”

The executive director of the group, Rossana Silva, spoke of the importance of the memorandum of understanding as strengthening both cultural and educational ties between the two countries. “The goal is to intensify international cooperation between Brazil and Lebanon,” Silva said, explaining that the cooperation between the two institutions will provide notable opportunities for exchanging researchers and students, holding seminars, developing projects, and understanding cultures, to name a few.

In its goal to become an international education hub, LAU has signed more than 40 similar agreements to provide its students, faculty and staff with opportunities for personal and academic growth through exchange and research. The university’s Office of International Services (OIS) offers a wide range of international partner universities in Europe, the U.S., Russia, Asia, Canada, and Australia. OIS recently considered opening up to South America, and Brazil seemed the perfect starting point knowing that a large Lebanese community is based there and the university would be an ideal way for them to reconnect back to their roots.

Established in 2008, GCUB is a civil association of academic, scientific and cultural nature that gathers 77 higher education institutions throughout the country. Among them are the University of São Paulo, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, University of Brasília and other private and public institutions. 


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