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U.S. expert trains LAU faculty in research methods

Dr. Lawrence Aleamony led a weeklong workshop for LAU faculty where he delved into quantitative research methods and statistical analyses.


Retired University of Arizona Professor Lawrence Aleamony explains quantitative research theories to LAU faculty members.


Participants take notes during research methods workshop.

Learning quantitative research methods to improve teaching and research at LAU has been a key focus for many of the university’s faculty members who attended a training workshop on the subject June 22–26, given by retired University of Arizona Professor in quantitative methods Lawrence Aleamony.

Held on the Beirut campus, the workshop examined three areas: research methods, introduction to statistics and advanced statistical methods in education. Faculty may apply these research tools to a range of functions including drafting course evaluation forms for students or helping assess the effectiveness of different teaching methods.

“I took [the faculty] through some basic background on research methods and research designs, and then [explained] how they would apply statistical tools to analyze those,” Aleamony said.

Aleamony explained that despite being introduced to research tools and methods during their training as professors, faculty members become unfamiliar to most of those instruments if they don’t use them consistently.

The workshop was organized by Dr. Ahmad Oueini, chair of LAU’s Department of Education, who said the event was vital to helping instructors gain insight into theories and methods necessary to meet research expectations set by the university.

“We took advantage [of the workshop] and asked [Aleamony] questions about our research and … he gave us some guidance” to help face challenges, Oueini said.

Aleamony, who holds a Ph.D. in quantitative methods, was head of the University of Arizona’s Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation and School Psychology before retiring last year.

He praised the faculty in attendance for their constructive engagement throughout the week. “They’ve done a very good job to get me to address their concerns about their research and about their ability to reach somebody else’s research,” he said.


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