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World Cup-themed fiesta attracts people of all ages

In pictures — Hundreds of families gather at the Beirut campus for the second annual LAU Fiesta featuring games and entertainment.

In pictures —

Hundreds of families gathered at LAU Beirut over the June 19-20 weekend for the second annual LAU Fiesta featuring games and entertainment for all ages.

Organized by LAU students and the Beirut Alumni Chapter, this year’s event was themed “FIFA World Cup.” Visitors were invited to watch the football matches projected live on a big screen.


lau-fiesta2010-01-big.jpgFlags of the nations participating in the World Cup were hung throughout the campus.

lau-fiesta2010-02-big.jpgFootball fans had the flags of their favorite teams painted on their faces.

lau-fiesta2010-03-big.jpgFans relax in the shade as they watch a World Cup game.

lau-fiesta2010-04-big.jpgLike last year, the campus was rocked with live music performances.

lau-fiesta2010-05-big.jpgThe organizers catered to all age groups. Here, children try to putt balls into the hole obstructed by the spinning blades.

lau-fiesta2010-06-big.jpgA young visitor holds on tight as he attempts to outlast the mechanical bull, a guaranteed crowd pleaser each year.

lau-fiesta2010-07-big.jpgThe braver participants scaled their way up a tall rock climbing wall erected outside Orme-Gray Hall.

lau-fiesta2010-08-big.jpgSome made harrowing escapes from the top floor of Orme-Gray Hall using a zip-line.

lau-fiesta2010-09-big.jpgA special area for the youngest of the crowd was set up on the tennis courts featuring a trampoline and bounce houses.

lau-fiesta2010-10-big.jpgA visitor concentrates on her target at an archery stand.

lau-fiesta2010-11-big.jpgThe fiesta became complete with bungee jumping.

lau-fiesta2010-12-big.jpgOrganizers announce the winners of the raffle held during the event.


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