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Aircraft design projects at LAU since 2005

Having just completed his Ph.D. at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, Dr. Michel Khoury (in dark blue) conveys his knowledge to the students of his first aircraft design course at LAU.

Work on the conventional aircraft begins in 2005.

Khoury helping his 2005 students.

The conventional aircraft in the making.

The students of Khoury’s first aircraft design course fly their creation.

Students Fida Majzoub and Joseph Najem work on the unconventional aircraft in 2007.

The unconventional aircraft’s first flight in 2007.

The team examined the unconventional aircraft before the takeoff on July 9, 2009 and caught some minor problems, which were taken care of on the spot.

The unconventional plane flies successfully.

The team happily approaches the aircraft as it lands without fault.

From left: Wael Nahas (Khoury’s student assistant), Joseph Najem, Dr. Michel Khoury, senior IT support administrator Alexei Karam, and Fida Majzoub with their unconventional aircraft, shortly after it landed successfully on July 9.

The team prepares to test the solar-powered aircraft on July 9.

Khoury and the solar-powered aircraft.

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