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Architecture students exhibit Design Studio projects

In pictures — Students from various classes showcase their works in the end-of-semester exhibitions on both campuses.

In pictures —

Architecture students from the Design Studio level VII course will be showcasing their end-of-semester projects at weeklong exhibitions on the Beirut and Byblos campuses. The Byblos exhibit will be launched on March 17, in the Rima Hourani Exhibition Room, and the Beirut event on March 18, in the Sheikh Zayed Hall — both at 1:30 p.m.

These are the last in a series of exhibitions held in the past few weeks to feature the works of level III, V and VII students. The events are coordinated by Dr. Maroun Daccache, chair of LAU’s Department of Architecture and Design.



design-studio-exhibits2010-01-big.jpgLevel V architecture students in Byblos share their end-of-semester projects with one another at the exhibition held from March 3-9.

design-studio-exhibits2010-02-big.jpgThe Byblos students were divided into two sections, and worked on two separate projects.

design-studio-exhibits2010-03-big.jpgThe first group of students was asked to design a youth hostel in Jounieh.

design-studio-exhibits2010-04-big.jpgThe second student group worked on a commercial residential building in Beirut.

design-studio-exhibits2010-05-big.jpgThe projects took students their entire fall 2009 semester to complete, and forced them to think about many angles of design including analysis, structure and technical aspects.



design-studio-exhibits2010-06-big.jpgLevel V architecture students in Beirut displayed their end-of-semester projects from March 2-8.

design-studio-exhibits2010-07-big.jpgThe projects of level V students in Beirut (shown here) and Byblos focused on the relation of architecture and structure. Level III students on both campuses exhibited similar projects in February, but concentrated more on theoretical aspects, while level VII students will be exhibiting works more related to urban design and architectural movements.

design-studio-exhibits2010-08-big.jpg“The purpose of the exhibits is to involve our students and promote their work while exposing them to the different levels [of study],” says Dr. Daccache (1st from right). Here, he is visiting one of the exhibits in the Sheikh Zayed Hall, Beirut campus.

design-studio-exhibits2010-09-big.jpgThe exhibitions have given the opportunity to students and faculty to share ideas.


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