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LAU marks Independence Day on both campuses (Update)

In pictures — The LAU community in Byblos celebrated Independence Day on November 25, following a separate event on the Beirut campus a few days earlier.

In pictures —

LAU Byblos held a commemorative event on November 25 to mark the 66th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence from France. Famous Lebanese singer Sami Clark performed the Lebanese national anthem, and a military orchestra played a variety of patriotic songs. The event was organized by the Guidance Office-Byblos in collaboration with four student clubs: the Offre de Joie Club, the Scout Club, the Pulse Club, and the Civic Engagement Club.


independence-day09-11-big.jpgMabele Abi Ramia, president of the Scout Club, raised the Lebanese flag atop a wooden structure constructed by club members.


independence-day09-12-big.jpgThe military orchestra performed a number of patriotic songs.


independence-day09-13-big.jpgLAU President Joseph G. Jabbra planted a cedar tree near the Byblos-campus fountain. Three cedars were planted that day.


independence-day09-14-big.jpgJabbra handed awards to Lebanese Army Lieutenant Antoine Tohmeh who conducted the military orchestra, and singer Sami Clark (center).


independence-day09-15-big.jpgMembers from the Civic Engagement Club released 12 white pigeons over the campus symbolizing peace.


independence-day09-16-big.jpgCutting of the ceremonial cake at the end of the event.


Independence Day show at LAU Beirut

Posted November 20, 2009—

On November 17, five days before Lebanon celebrates its 66th anniversary of independence, soldiers from the Lebanese army’s airborne unit put on a show for LAU community members on the Beirut campus. The soldiers performed stunts, crawling down the sides of buildings with ropes and demonstrating fighting techniques. The event drew well over 1,000 spectators who cheered on the soldiers during their performances.


An army band played the national anthem and other patriotic songs before raising the Lebanese flag at the beginning of the ceremony near the upper gate.


The army assembled cables attached from a tank to the roof of Nicol Hall from where soldiers made daring escapes.


independence-day09-03-big.jpgA soldier slides down from Nicol Hall.


independence-day09-04-big.jpgSoldiers make their way down from Nicol Hall as spectators hang out from windows to observe.


independence-day09-05-big.jpgThe Safadi Fine Arts Building was one of three buildings that soldiers used to perform stunts.


independence-day09-06-big.jpgAfter climbing down from the Fine Arts Building, the soldiers form a defensive position.


independence-day09-07-big.jpgA soldier performs “the spider” move by crawling down the Irwin Hall from one window into the one below.


independence-day09-08-big.jpgSoldiers demonstrate different fighting techniques.


independence-day09-09-big.jpgSoldiers show how to take on an opponent without using a gun.

 Independence Day will be celebrated on the Byblos campus on November 25.


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