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Graphic design student projects admired at campus exhibits

True to type, LAU displayed the work of graphic design students by the end of the Spring semester, anticipating the young designers’ entry to the job market.


Byblos exhibit corner.


Looking through "BeyRoots" materials.


Analyzing 3D graphics.


Aline Bezirjian and Dr. Joseph Jabbra.


Dean of Arts & Sciences (Beirut) Samira Aghacy, Dr. Jabbra and Khalil Halwani.


Inspecting digital design on furry stands.

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True to type, LAU displayed the work of graphic design students by the end of the Spring semester, anticipating the young designers’ entry to the job market.

Students on both campuses presented their work in well-attended exhibitions in June 2006, drawing interested visitors and professionals in the field.

In Beirut, 28 senior students put their final projects on display in Sheikh Zayed Hall. A jury of LAU faculty members and industry professionals had evaluated their projects and guided their work.

“The exhibition is an opportunity for students to expose their work. During the opening, they were ready with their business cards to distribute among visitors from the industry,” said Graphic Design Program Coordinator in Beirut Yasmine Taan.

Taan stressed the importance of the catalog that was published for the event, describing it as a portfolio that graduates can use as they prepare to start their professional careers.

The exhibition, entitled “Play,” was inaugurated by LAU President Joseph G. Jabbra on June 14 in the presence of university administrators and faculty members as well as professionals and students. “Play”, for Taan, denotes competition as students are encouraged to play to the end, until they win.

Three students, Aline Bezirjian, Ayman Moussa and Khalil Halwani, received awards this year for presenting the best final projects.

Dr. Jabbra praised the students’ work, expressing the university’s pride in embracing talented creatives in the field of Graphic Design.

Students specializing in print design had to submit a 40-page book with an accompanying package and poster, while those emphasizing on digital design were asked to come up with a website design and computer animations.

Exhibition designer Silia Abu Arbid displayed Apple computers on colorful fur-like stands to help visitors view the students’ digital work.

Students chose their topics and researched them in papers presented during the Graphic Design seminar class. They later on searched for the appropriate visual solutions to convey their messages with the help of their professors.

Also on display during the one-week event were works by students from typography, illustration, silkscreen, packaging, computer graphics, animation and web design courses.

In Byblos, “Erosion” was the theme explored by Graphic Design students in their exhibit this year featuring the work of 10 senior students.

Students researched a positive connotation of the concept of “erosion” in its social and cultural contexts. “The project is a fusion of contrasts and a collection of innovative ideas,” said Byblos Graphic Design Instructor Tarek Khoury.

Khoury revealed the theme “erosion” was open to students’ individual interpretations, with the aim of encouraging them to express and visualize their own creative and unique message using a technique of their choice.

The Byblos exhibition, inaugurated June 6, invited a group of professionals from advertising agencies and graphic design studios in Lebanon with the aim of promoting the work of graduating students among future employers.


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