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Graphic design students relay messages creatively

The end-of-year graphic design exhibition, titled “FLUX 2011,” featured projects with a wide range of topics.

Projects by LAU graphic design students on display in Sheikh Zayed Hall, LAU Beirut.

Exhibited projects included posters, catalogs and business cards.

The projects covered a wide range of topics, including environmental and social issues.

Randa Abdel Baki (3rd from right), chairperson of LAU's Graphic Design Department, announces the recipients of the certificates of Excellence in Graphic Design.

From left: Students Nour Kays and Aleen Chehayeb with their certificates of Excellence in Graphic Design.

The exhibition, titled "FLUX 2011," was held from June 8–16.

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LAU graphic design students presented their senior projects during the end-of-year exhibition, titled “FLUX 2011,” which was held from June 8-16, at Sheikh Zayed Hall in LAU Beirut’s Safadi Fine Arts Building.

“The goal of the event is to showcase our final-year students’ work, along with all the work done in our graphic design classes,” said Randa Abdel Baki, Chair of LAU’s Graphic Design Department, at the opening. “It also aims to help students interact and discuss their ideas with professionals from the industry,” she added.

The exhibited projects covered a wide range of topics, including environmental and social issues.

Abdel Baki voiced her contentment with the displayed senior projects. “The 38 projects tackled various issues of our daily lives,” she said. “They were versatile, rich in content and graphics.”

Dr. Elie Badr, acting dean of LAU’s School of Architecture and Design, echoed Abdel Baki’s sentiments. “Year after year, I am amazed by the creativity that I see in your projects,” he told the students.

“This country relies on you greatly as we can see a deterioration in the quality of the messages around us. But I think with you as the professionals of the future, your messages will be elevated to the professional level,” Badr said.

Abdel Baki says the feedback of this year’s event has been particularly encouraging. “People who attended the event were pleased and impressed with the outcome,” she says. “Everyone agrees that every year the department is progressing.”

During the opening, two students, Aleen Chehayeb and Nour Kays, were each awarded with a Certificate of Excellence in Graphic Design.

Chehayeb received the award for her project “How Long is Now,” which is a magazine based on her personal photography capturing daily life.

“My hard work and endless overnights definitely paid off and it was a valuable memory that I will always hold on to as the highlight of my stay at LAU so far,” Chehayeb says.

The exhibition was organized by LAU’s School of Architecture and Design - Department of Graphic Design.


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