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Health campaign dispells anxiety and depression by way of fun


Mario Bassil's antics.


Bassil and Shada Omar.


Student band.

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April 27, 2006—

Beirut Campus students were called to Battle the Blues during an awareness campaign organized by the Health Office to tackle anxiety, depression and suicide.

Students were treated to a hilarious sketch by Mario Bassil ‘88, a comedian whose performances usually satirize current socio-political events.

Bassil’s skit was followed by a Q&A between students and psychology faculty members Dr. Ketty Sarouphim and Dr. Nabih Eid. During the discussion, conducted by LBCI anchorwoman Shada Omar ‘93, students asked questions and received advice about personal concerns related to depression and anxiety.

The event, held on the Beirut campus April 7, 2006, included a live music performance by a band of LAU students who composed a hip-hop song for the occasion.

About 50 other students from the Photography II and Advertising Design classes in both the Beirut and Byblos campuses contributed to the event by posting photographs and advertisements with related awareness messages.

Five students won a draw for dinner at the Meridian Hotel, in recognition of their efforts in organizing the campaign.

Awareness fliers were distributed debunking myths and encouraging students to resort to the campus counselor for help in overcoming their problems, anxieties and stress.

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